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Let me start by saying I’m the guy in the photo. (The pretty woman is my wife. We were heading out to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary!) I love pasta, coffee, 80‘s hair bands, anything sweet, and rom-coms (don’t judge me!). In my spare time, I enjoy time with my family, my bulldog Bella, fly fishing, working on the house & in my wood shop, playing Call of Duty (I’m slightly addicted), and absolutely love photographing people during the most important moments in their lives.

I’ve always had a camera, but never thought about being a photographer (I was a bass player in a few bands & was usually in front of the camera), but life unfolds in strange ways. I caught the photography bug in 2009 and never looked back. I think by having a graphic design background and being able to play with the photos on the computer is what made it stick. Plus the immediate feedback from social media… it’s a drug like no other! I started photographing weddings, events, & portraits professionally in 2011 in Delaware and was soon booking over 20 weddings a year in Delaware, Maryland, & Pennsylvania. I was even commissioned to photograph weddings in the Dominican Republic & Key West! I’d love to photograph more weddings every year, but there just aren’t many couples that want to get married in the winter months on the east coast.

As a Professional Photographer in Delaware, I'm willing to travel just about anywhere to capture your unique story. I've photographed weddings in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Key West, and as far as the Dominican Republic. If you like me so far, and you want amazing & unique photos, keep going through the site & when you’re ready, send me an email. I look forward to talking soon.

My wedding day

It’s still one of the best days of my life! My wife & I loved the documentary/candid photos we were seeing in the magazines, but no photographers in our area were doing it yet. I wasn’t a photographer back then so my wife did all of the interviews. She didn’t like any! lol We asked a commercial photographer that was a friend of the family, but she said no. I then had to call my God Mother to throw some weight! lol We got the photographer we wanted, but no discount. We contracted her for the day with a 2nd shooter. They shot on film - no digital yet. We asked for more black & white then color. The majority of our wedding budget went to the photos, but we couldn’t afford an album so we went with a proof book that had all of the photos in it. It’s huge & every year for our anniversary we try to remember to pull it out and relive the day. Some years we forget, but when we do remember, it takes us right back to that special day.

Highlights that I remember

  • The year of planning went by way too fast! I loved designing our day. From the dress boots I wore to the music we came out to (our wedding party was introduced with Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People & we came out to Limp Bizkit’s Rollin’ lol the photo is below). We really had fun putting our spin on our day!

  • We did subs and beer for the rehearsal dinner after a mock run-through at the venue. (She’s from Elkton! lol I’m from the classier New Castle. :)

  • The wedding day went by way too fast! When you go to weddings it seems like forever. When it’s yours you wish it went on forever.

  • It was August 11, 2001. The next month our one month anniversary was tarnished by the Trade Center attack.

  • All of the guys in the family played golf that day. I was partnered with Sherry’s grandfather & had the worst game of my life! I even threw a club into a tree!! It was the last time I played! lol, I switched to fly fishing instead. (plus her grandfather was shaving points off his round too, but she won’t believe it!)

  • On my way to the venue (I got dressed at home by myself) it started to rain a little. I was like “Oh no!”, but it stopped. When I got to the venue they already moved everything in side. Did I mention it was August? I said dry off the seats and lets go with the original plan. I had my Captain & Coke and had no problem delaying it to make the ceremony how we wanted it. Sherry, on the other hand, was on the other side of the building saying go, go, go! (Turns out Valium & Boonesfarm doesn’t relax you as much as you’d think. lol) We ended up on the deck of the golf club with giant fans running. Did I mention it was August? I was so nervous (& hot) that I couldn’t really hear what was being said. The fans were loud!! (I always tell my couples to be present in the day, soak it in, & pause to enjoy yourself!)

  • When we were doing formal photos after the ceremony her grandparents didn’t hear the call. They aren’t in any of our formal pictures. Since they are both gone now, this haunts her more than anything. As a photographer now, I don’t love when I get a shot list, but I understand the importance of having one. (I also recommend having a friend of the family help out with the list and make sure everyone knows when the photos are. We don’t get this time back!)

  • In all of the hustle & bustle, Sherry never got to dance with her grandfather. She remembers seeing him on the side & looking like he was going to ask her, but for whatever reason, never did. He passed away a few years later & she still regrets not getting that dance. (If you want it to happen, write it down & give it to your vendor team!)

  • It was August so we seated some older/breathing issue family members in an area that was air conditioned, but separate from the main deck area. Days later we heard grumblings that we split up the families on purpose. This wasn’t true! Our families are mixed. Mine is separated by divorce and most of the “healthy” people were outside on the deck. They just so happen to be from the Step side. We thought we were doing a smart thing for our guests. (Take note: the Seating Chart is the hardest part of all your planning!)

  • We drove back to my mother’s house after the wedding to go through the gifts. On the way there we talked about how amazing it was, but how we were starting to figure out how much we didn’t get to do or missed out on. It really is a whirlwind and goes by so fast!

  • We went to pay the bar bill the next day. They drank a lot! We had to pay an extra $900!! They asked if it was a good time because they found panty hose, condoms, & roaches in the parking lot! LOL It was a great time!!!

Below are scans of the Thank You cards we sent out after our wedding. The best wedding day ever!


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