Dover Car Photography : VW Golf GTI

I usually don't like shooting static subjects. I'm more of a people person. But I came across a few photographs of cars and I was drawn to them. Naturally I went out & bought some new gear to do the same thing. haha

A friend of the family is into cars so I knew he'd be first to go for it. He has a Blue VW Gold GTI and a red Nissan Z something for drifting. Well, the drift car is not running so the VW it is! Cullen came over on a Sunday evening. The weather was clear all day... until it was time to shoot. A storm was brewing North of us and the skies darkened and the winds picked up. Great!

We set up anyway and knocked out a Rolling Shot, an HDR shot, & some flash shots. The HDR turned out fine, nothing too exciting.

The Flash shots aren't done yet, but we rushed through them just to get them. We'll probably have to do another shoot for those. But the Rolling shot worked great!


This turned out exceptional for my first time & I can't wait to get some more done. If you're into cars and want some better photos of yours hit me up!