Where are all my Blog posts?

You may be wondering where all of my old blog posts are or why there aren't many for being in business as long as I have. Well, my old site (Wordpress hosted on Bluehost) kept getting infected with malware and shut down by my Bluehost. I even had an add on for security (Sitelock) that didn't do a thing to protect me! Turns out if you want that much security, you'll need to pay even more than $50 a month. Complete bull! They're gone too!

So, instead of having to deal with this over & over, I decided to create a new site on Squarespace. I built my pages, but was hung up on what to do with my blog. I could keep it where it was or try to move it. I ended up just deleting the whole damn thing and recreating my last couple of years here. That was kind of a stupid thing. The amount of posts and length of time gave me lots of Google love. I was ranking on page 1. When I made the new blog I fell to page 10 & beyond! The good news is I'm back up close to #1.

If you want to see more of my old work go to the Galleries tab. It's where all my client galleries are hosted. There you can see everything.

Thank you for visiting!

Kelly PhillipsComment